Birds & Wildlife

Costa Rica has 0.03% of the world's land surface, but owns 6% of the planet's biodiversity. It is the country with the greatest biodiversity of the planet per square kilometer of territory.
There are a great variety of species in the fauna of Costa Rica:
Mammals (227 species): Several species of bats, four species of monkeys, felines, dantas, anteaters, manaties.
Birds (about 600 species): Macaws, parrots, birds of prey, hummingbirds and quetzales.
Reptiles: A large number of turtles of different species, crocodiles and snakes
Amphibians: about 180 different species.

25% of the territory is protected areas, national parks and nature reserves. For nature lovers Costa Rica is a paradise and there are about 10,000 different species of plants and trees, considered as one of the most important ecosystems in the world.