Corcovado National Park is located on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. It is considered a very important piece in the wide system of national parks and biological reserves of the country. National Geographic has called it the most intense place in the world, biologically speaking and it is estimated that no place in the world (which has a similar extent) shelters a greater biological diversity.

The park retains the largest primary forest in the American Pacific, along with one of the few mighty tropical rainforest remnants in the world. Costa Rica itself is considered as an ideal place for bird lovers, and Corcovado contains several of hundreds of species.

Corcovado has an unusual level of biological diversity that is not exceeded by any area of ​​similar size on the planet. The park protects an important maritime extension, in which a great variety of marine life is developed, it has been discovered that to the east of the park there is a breeding area of ​​humpback whales that come from both the northern hemisphere and the south.